Honda Navigation Coupon & Code – Honda Navi Promo Codes 2018

Welcome to our independent fan website that lists all the latest Honda Navi Promo Codes.  Currently there do not seem to be any new Honda Navigation Coupon Codes published however from time to time they will be listed below on our website.

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Honda Navigation DVD Coupon – Why Use Them?

If you are in the process of buying the new Honda Navigation DVD for 2018 for your Accord, Civic, Odyssey, Pilot, Ridgeline, CrossTour, CR-Z, CRV, Element, Fit, or Insight, then you might have noticed that the official Honda Map Updates website gives you the opportunity to enter in a promotion or coupon code when you check out.  By using this promotional code it will give you some money off the final shopping cart amount when shopping for the new GPS map updates and disc if using a Honda navi coupon code.

Honda Navigation Promotion Code 2018 for the DVD

New Honda Navigation DVDs are released in the fall of each year, which will mean you are ready to drive with all the latest directions, routes, and any changes that might have occurred on the national road network.  For more information on the new DVD please visit this other fan’s website on – this contains all the latest info including reasons why you should update plus shows you how much money the new navigation disc will save you in fuel and CO2 emissions.

Installation Tips for the Honda Navigation DVD

Once you have your new disc then getting the new software installed is so easy.  Follow some simple steps and before you know it you will be driving again safe in the knowledge that your GPS is as up to date as possible.

  1. Turn your car or vehicle ignition on
  2. Power up the in-dashboard GPS device
  3. Eject the old DVD and insert the new one
  4. When prompted enter in your Honda Navigation Code (unique customer authentication)
  5. Wait for the updates to complete
  6. Now you can drive again with new directions

Please keep checking back to our website to see when any new Honda Navigation Promotion Coupons are available.  We update this website every day as soon as new ones are available and aim to be the best online resource for all things related to the Navi coupon.

Maps Supplied by HERE

HERE are the official supplier of maps for the Honda brand of dashboard navigation systems.  It’s possible to update the digital maps and directions on almost any brand of car and vehicle and this website here is where you can update with HERE.  It contains everything you need to know about how to get the best directions on your GPS.  Check them out today if you drive any car including Acura, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, and more!